Manage Covid-19 Anxiety by Participating to A Clinical Study
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Apr, 24, 2020

Manage Covid-19 Anxiety by Participating to A Clinical Study

The coronavirus pandemic has changed almost every aspect of our lives, and public health care precautions like quarantine and social distancing have led to serious disruptions to our everyday experience. Stress and anxiety levels have never been higher, even though we are all trying to cope the best we can.

You may be suffering from stress if:

  • You feel worried, sad, frustrated, or numb about your situation.
  • Your level of energy, appetite, or interest in your work or hobbies goes down.
  • You have trouble sleeping or have more frequent nightmares.
  • You have more difficulty making decisions or concentrating.
  • You notice physical symptoms of anxiety-like headaches, skin rashes, an unsettled stomach, or muscle aches.
  • You reach for alcohol, cigarettes, or other substances more frequently.

The good news is that these are actually natural and expected responses to the extraordinary circumstances that the pandemic has created. Many suggestions have been offered to help us cope with Covid-19 anxiety, such as taking breaks from the news on TV and social media, which can be overwhelming even at the best of times, looking after your body by eating healthy meals and exercising, staying mindful and getting regular sleep.

However, one potential opportunity to take a break from the stress is to participate in clinical trials. How, you may ask?

If you’re studying remotely or working from home due to the pandemic, there are many opportunities to make a positive contribution while taking a much-needed step outside your usual life, and here are some great reasons why volunteering for a clinical study might be just what you need right now.

1.   A Safe, Tranquil Setting

In most cases, clinical studies are conducted in a quiet, relaxed environment designed to reduce the stress of the participants as much as possible. This is because stress and anxiety can affect the effectiveness of a trial drug. It’s perfectly normal to want a break from family, especially after being in lockdown for long stretches of time, so a clinical trial setting can be just what you need to unwind for a few days.

2.   Connect with New People

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically limited the one-on-one interactions we can have to limit the spread of the coronavirus. We can certainly meet new friends online through video and texting apps and social media sites, but nothing quite compares to connecting with people face to face. During a clinical study, volunteers come from different backgrounds and cultures to stay for a few days in a safe facility during the drug trial. You will contribute to the development of possibly life-changing new drugs and socialize with other volunteers within Covid-19 safety regulations.

3.   No Interruption to Your School or Work Schedule

Clinical drug trials don’t interfere with your current schedule, whether you’re studying online or teleworking. Facilities offer access to Wi-Fi and computers, and if you are already familiar with the work from home model, you can bring your own laptop or study materials to the facility. The only change to expect is the blood tests that will be conducted to see how the body responds to the trial drug, and the tests are quick and painless. So, no matter your age or occupation, as long as you are aged between 18 and 55, you can volunteer for a clinical study without losing out on your education, job, or business.

4.   Earn Extra Money

Clinical studies do offer compensation for volunteers because they’re taking time away from their lives to participate in the drug trials. It’s a good way to earn a little extra cash, especially because the pandemic has reduced the opportunities to earn part-time income. Some facilities also offer cash for referrals, so every person you recommend to join the trial is a chance to earn something extra too.

5.   Improve Your Physical Health

When you join a clinical trial program, the facility provides everything you need for the duration of your stay, including healthy meals and snacks, beds, showers, and other personal hygiene items. This means you can check in with your body and get enough rest. By the end of the trial, you will return to your normal life feeling refreshed and healthier than before.

6.   Strict Confidentiality Regulations

Data privacy is a genuine concern for people who are thinking of volunteering for clinical studies. Facilities must respect your confidentiality. When the findings of the trials are made public, the volunteers will only be identified using a code or number that doesn’t reveal their identity. Clinical studies take privacy seriously and will do everything to avoid compromising their research and their volunteers as well.

7.   Freedom to Opt-Out of The Study at Any Time

In most cases, volunteers will be required to stay within the premises until the end of the study, typically lasting between three days and one week. However, you are allowed to leave the study before completion if you find it untenable for you. The doctor in charge of the study will be available to answer any questions you may have and will recommend what to do once you’re out of the facility, and you will still be compensated for the time you spent as a participant.

Opportunities with Syneos Health

If you live in Quebec, Montreal or Miami, Syneos Health has several participant opportunities for people aged from 18 to 55 years to help in clinical drug trials. Unlike most regular health care facilities, equipment here are modern and well maintained, compensation is provided, and you receive a full medical exam, get to reside with other participants on-premise, and you can keep up with your online learning and teleworking too.

Syneos Health has been working with participants for human drug trials for almost 25 years. It is always open to receiving new participants, especially now when the Covid-19 pandemic requires people to work and study remotely. Signing up is easy, and you’ll have Wi-Fi to help you keep up with your regular work schedule, as well as enough films, games, and magazines to keep you entertained.

Syneos Health also follows strict Covid-19 protocols in their facilities, so you will be safe and healthy during the course of the trials.

This is a unique chance to get away from the stress and anxiety of Covid-19, meet new people, share your experiences, earn extra money and support the development of new drugs that will potentially improve millions of lives. Visit to learn more about this opportunity.

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